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"Naughty Polly"

A young lad went off to college, and after only one month he came up with a scam to get more money from his dad. He called him and said "Dad this is an amazing place they do some really strange research, they told me that they could make our parrot talk and think for himself. Can you send him up here? Oh and I'll need 1000 for the research." The dad thinking he could be famous and make a lot of money from the thinking, talking parrot sent the bird and the money to his son.

After only one month the 1000 was gone, so the boy again rang his dad "Dad you won't believe this he's talking like a human, they think they can teach him to read too but I'll need another 2000, again thinking of his future fortune the father sent the money.

Again the lad blew all the money. Then came the day he had to return home for holidays, he thought "my dad is going to kill me when he finds out I lied" So he strangled the parrot and took a train home. His dad met him at the station "Where's the parrot?" He asked. "Well" said the lad "We were getting on the train and the parrot said to me "This is great it will be so nice to see home again, I wonder if your dad is still doing the blonde woman over the road?" The father replied "I hope you rang the lying little buggers neck!"
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